Ross Pickard, Northbridge Rotary Club


The Northbridge Rotary Club was very fortunate in February this year when Richard Kuipers entertained us with his personal situation on starting a business in Australia as an immigrant with no funding.

Richard’s business, Two men and a Truck is flourishing now but his early days in Australia with high expectations and no money, the retelling of his experience was hilarious. He gentle directed us through his first earning experience in the “Red Light” district of Sydney and the associated gangster of the time, to moving out on his own and requiring a removal vehicle.

This light the spark of an opportunity, Richard started the removalists business and a family and grew them both successfully.  Richard explained to the Club his approach to developing a business, growing the employees and the family within the business and why it was successful.


Carmen Wells


Carmen Wells, FLORIDA

A true inspiration you are Richard. I have known you 50 years as I child of 13.  I worked with you at a restaurant in Neutral Bay. Those days were humble beginnings in our lives. Your story always touches my heart from that past life to now – what a journey!


Boyd Klap, Anne Frank Exhibition Chairman


Dear Richard,

You are an inspiration to people but also a realist.

Building a business and knowing when the time comes to move on shows real leadership.

What I like about your business is that it combines business success with a sense of responsibility for people and for the environment. I call it brain and heart.

Your support for the Anne Frank Travelling exhibition is one example. You support us with transport but are also contributing to our board discussions.

Success to Catherine and the staff but also to a compassionate Ambassador.

Best wishes, Boyd