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Richard Kuipers says there is more to satisfaction and success than running a profitable business.He says corporate social responsibility is becoming a part of every day business, and that’s why he started Two Men And A Truck’s Moving Together program. 

Although Two Men and a Truck has demonstrated community participation, donations and sponsorships over the last 20 years, Moving Together has channelled the business’s environmental and social activities into a strategic, workable model.

“There is a lot of emphasis on climate change and the environment compared to 20 years ago,” Richard says.

“The removals industry is dependent on transport and cardboard boxes, so we felt we needed some ideas to leverage our carbon footprint.”

Mr Kuipers is an active campaigner and philanthopist who says the ability to assist local charities and organisations can go a long way in indirectly promoting the business.

“If we provide pro bono services to a charity or fundraising event, that often converts to jobs for us down the track,” he said.

“It’s difficult to measure how much of our customers hear about our business through these activities, but getting involved is a win-win situation for our staff, our company and the community.”

Mr Kuipers envisages that many other businesses could adopt a similar model to implement their own corporate social responsibility program.

“Every business has an opportunity to give something back to its community,” he says.