Outside the Box

Richard launches his book, Outside The Box

I have been very fortunate in life which has come from a lot of hard work, dedication and in some instances with a stroke of luck.
I have always been up for a challenge whether it was abseiling down the pylon of the Harbour Bridge, jumping out of planes or spending countless hours trying to build up our family business Two Men and a Truck.
I wanted to leave a legacy for my children, my beloved grandchildren and for future generations so they know where their roots originated from.
Above all that I have achieved in life my family is my greatest asset.
We all have a story to tell and this is my story.

Your wise leader,

Richard Kuipers

Press Release

As the founder and brand ambassador of removals company TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, renowned businessman Richard Kuipers believes that relevancy, simplicity, and financial leanness form the benchmarks of
success. With over 38 years in business, employing over 200 people, this family owned and operated business has become an iconic Australian brand that is called upon more than 400 times a week by everyday Australians.

After arriving in Australia as an immigrant in 1972 from post-war Holland with nothing more than $20 in his pocket, the idea for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK came to Richard when his wife needed a piece of furniture collected. The business is now nationwide and has his eldest daughter Catherine at the helm as CEO.

Richard has experienced some difficulties with his health including suffering from diabetes and surviving both melanoma and prostate cancer. In 2014 he developed a medical condition called Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA). The condition hampers communication between the brain and eyes and prohibits Richard from reading, writing and even his ability to pour a drink. However, this has not diminished his lust for life, and he is still a man of many hats, particularly close to his heart is his sense of social responsibility. With the assistance of his wife, Cheryl, Richard has recounted his rich and fascinating life into his upcoming memoir, released this month aptly named, OUTSIDE THE BOX.

The book details his upbringing in Holland and his family’s sudden move in his early life to Wales after the outbreak of WW2. After a successful career in hotel management working in famous hotels such as the Park Lane Hilton London, Richard bought a one way docket to Australia in 1973. With not a penny to his name Richard worked as a barman in an infamous Kings Cross nightclub, after hours delivering mysterious packages door to door. Eventually in 1993, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK evolved from their lounge room to their current premises in St Leonards in Sydney. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is now spread across the country with branches in NSW, ACT, QLD, and VIC.

As with other progressive family companies, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK manage family and business matters via a charter and family board meetings. The Kuipers are active members of Family Business Australia. Richard has also developed TWO MEN AND A TRUCK‘s Moving Together program and has channelled the business’ environmental and social activities into a strategic workable model. Richard is now TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s Brand Ambassador, as well as convener, public speaker, and philanthropist.

Where to purchase

Purchase Richard’s ebook (the digital version) here:

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/outside-the-box-18

Apple: https://apple.co/3kEOkkt

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