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Come with Richard on an entrepreneurial journey of business success, adventures and misadventures


The man who started Two Men And A Truck is revealing his secrets to his business success through a presentation that is “nothing like Powerpoint”.

Richard, who is an accomplished Toastmaster, has worked with a multimedia producer to convey his accomplishments, adventures and misadventures in a multimedia presentation entitled The Journey of Two Men And A Truck.

Richard Kuipers founded the removals business more than 20 years ago. Since then it has grown from a caravan in his backyard to one of Australia’s biggest removal companies.

But it didn’t just happen, and the journey was not without its challenges, legal threats and family disputes.

The journey begins when he arrived in Sydney from Holland with $20 in his pocket, and throughout the 30 minute session Richard visits many of his business ventures from the underbelly of Kings Cross to the opal mines of Lightning Ridge before an encounter with a bookcase that sparked the inception of Two Men And A Truck.

Richard also tells of the David-and-Goliath style battle against a mega-company in the US to keep his business name, how his family has conquered the art of family-business balance, and shares his experience of how to build a long-term loyal staff base.

He also explains how he has converted the transport company into a sustainable, energy-efficient award-winning business that prides itself on giving back to the community.

And it doesn’t end in 2014. Richard, being a man with a vision, continues his voyage right through to 2040.

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