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Richard Kuipers’s Letter to the Hon. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull


The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, MP
Prime Minister of Australia
Parliament House,

Dear Prime Minister,

I want to let you know about a unique international event that has huge potential to put Australia on the map far more effectively than it has to date. My company, Two Men and a Truck was recently a sponsor for The World Solar Challenge. This international event took place from 18th to 25th October in a race from Darwin to Adelaide. The sponsorship falls within our Corporate Social Responsibility program Moving Together. You could say that we are a proud Australian removalist company with a very multicultural base.

The World Solar Challenge is a bi-annual international competition where students from of top universities across the world form a team and apply their best innovative engineering and technology talents to design and build a vehicle. These solar powered vehicles compete in a race over 8 days from Darwin to Adelaide, making Northern and Central Australia the centre of the world stage for this exciting and inspiring event. While The World Solar Challenge is covered in media around the world, sadly the domestic profile to date has been underwhelming, just a small mention on the ABC. But it seems a no brainer that Australia should seize the opportunity presented by this event to proclaim our place in the world as a vibrant, inspiring, advanced, diverse and clever country.

Clearly we need to grab the initiative offered by the competition because The World Solar Challenge embodies the highest principles of:

  • Innovative responses to the urgent questions of sustainability
  • A model of universities, business and innovation to solve world problems
  • Demonstrating innovative practice to communities, schools and business
  • Inspiring youth to apply discipline, innovation and dedication in the use of technology to benefit the planet
  • Showcasing the Northern and Central Australia on the world stage
  • Showcasing a practical intersection between business and academe to benefit the planet and all it’s creatures.

I would be very happy to meet with you to discuss how we could attract Australian media to cover the event so that we can leverage the event to:

  1. present Australia to the world as vibrant, inspiring, advanced, diverse and clever country
  2. draw attention to Northern and Central Australia, the stage for this event
  3. prepare communities on the route to view the vehicles as a means of practical education on solar energy and assist school education nationally to learn about northern and central Australia and solar energy