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Richard uses a cardboard box as a bed to raise funds for homeless

Two Men And A Truck’s founder Richard Kuipers swapped a night at home for a cardboard box on a cold winter night in June to raise funds for the homeless. Richard, with his friend and colleague William Attoh from Legal Made Easy, took part in the Vinnies CEO Winter Sleepout in just their clothes, a sheet of cardboard and a beanie. “It was absolutely awful,” Richard said. “We spent the night under a box in the middle of warehouse – it was cold and miserable. Nothing like a hotel,” he said. That was the aim of the event, with more than 1000 business executives across the country sleeping on the streets to experience the conditions that more than 105,000 Australians endure every night. The event was also raised nearly $5.5 million for the homeless, with Richard and Will raising more than $3600 for the cause. Richard said he had great admiration for the homeless and realised that homelessness has a lot of meaning for Two Men And A Truck. “We’re moving people in and out of homes, and these people don’t even have a home,” he said. “Many of them carry all their possessions with them all the time.” Despite his lack of sleep, Richard said it was a good opportunity to meet other businessmen and discuss ideas to help raise more funds and awareness for next year’s program. But he was relieved to return to the warmth of the office the next morning. “I’m never sleeping under a cardboard box again… until next year,” he said. To find out more about the Vinnies CEO Sleepout or donate to their homeless appeal, visit