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Moving Together came about when I realised that I would not be around forever to direct our family business, Two Men and a Truck. I needed to plan for the future. Would we sell the business, or would we keep it in the family?

Our family developed a succession plan for the business and Catherine, our eldest daughter, stepped up to the position of CEO. Catherine has worked beside me in the business since she left school when the business operated out of a caravan in our back yard. Even before that she would happily take calls from customers. Her customer service skills are superb and now she is capably leading Two Men and a Truck across all aspects of the business.

I think the business is in her blood. She also shares our family history of strong involvement in diverse community activities and sponsorships

Yes we’re still called Two Men and a Truck, but now we have expanded operations nationally, and even internationally. We are responsible for buildings, administrative offices, many men, women and trucks, not to mention containers, planes, boats and cleaning and other services.

That means we have to have more specialised roles. So what was I to do? Take up a life of leisure (LEISURE! WHAT’S THAT?) or fade into the sunset. Not likely! NO! We found a better solution.

My new job is Brand Ambassador for Two Men and a Truck. So, while Catherine looks after finance, operations and marketing, I can focus on extending the family culture of Two Men and a Truck into the future. For me that means getting out into the community to demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Moving Together is our corporate responsibility program. Often in business, especially in the early stages, we just focus on the financial bottom line. I was lucky to have a pathway for corporate responsibility that began early on in the business through good relationships with inspiring and positive people.

These good relationships taught me that corporate responsibility is not simply a matter of making donations to worthy causes and stepping up for a pat on the back at charity dinners. It’s about getting together with people. So, Moving Together is about getting in and acting with people for environmental and social improvement.

My appointment as Brand Ambassador improves our ability to nurture positive partnerships. Is there a better job? I don’t think so!

Education in ethics and ethical action strengthens the Moving Together framework. It is an innovative approach to corporate responsibility.

We set up the Moving Together program to:

  •  allow staff and management to experience the benefits of philanthropy
  • maintain existing partnerships and form new ones appropriate to the culture and operations of Two Men and a Truck
  • apply the resources of Two Men and a Truck to action for the environment and communities
  • contribute to inter-cultural harmony and share inspirational stories
  • act responsibly for the physical environment – clean, green and lean
  • maintain an ethical and responsible image for Two Men and a Truck
  • expand the business of Two Men and a Truck


Richard Kuipers with Valerie Linow and Rita Wenberg, who featured in an interview about The Stolen Generation for the Moving Together program.